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Emelie Empo Enlund is a performing artist, dancer, choreographer and pedagogue educated at Stockholm University of the Arts and Stockholm University. She engages in work on stage and off stage and usually initiates artistic processes and projects. With a dance technical background in the genres of Streetdance she combines methods from contemporary improvisation and dance with performance and choreography.


She is also working with art and culture in a broader sense with focus on non-formal education systems and platforms, infrastructure for culture and the arts.  

During the recent years she has foremost been part in dance and performance group JUCK and the project We Love Holocene. Within the practice of JUCK (meaning THRUST in English) she participates in expanding notions of femininity and gender, working with the gaze as a tool for dealing with and shifting power structures. JUCK has successfully toured Sweden and internationally performing and giving talks on their own practice, experiences and perspectives.


The project We Love Holocene was initiated by Emelie in 2015 with a starting point in the existential aspects of the current climate crisis and has been a platform for different performance projects and trans disciplinary meetings between artists and scholars in a search for inner and outer sustainability. The project has been in residency in Sweden at Vitlycke Center for Performing Arts, MEKEN Exhibition hall, Skarpnäcks Culture House and internationally at Uferstudios in Berlin and Dansarena Nord in Hammerfest, Norway. The project has performed at The International Scene for Contemporary Dance in Stockholm, at CEMUS (Center For Environmental and Development Studies) at Uppsala University and during the Climate Existens Conference at Sigtuna Foundation. Developing the movement vocabulary Uncivilised Dancing has been at the projects core, working with deconstructing ideas and common misunderstandings within the western civilisation and suggesting other tools for perception, movement, thinking and dancing.   


Besides this Emelie works as a dancer in other performances, participates as an advisor in different artistic contexts and as a mentor and teacher for young dancers and students in Stockholm and Sweden.


Foto: Oskar Omne

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