KSK - Communication as an Art, 4 years course in understanding human communication, 2016-2019  

One style House Dance, 1 year streetdance program at Åsa Folkhögskola, 2014-2015

Introduction course in Psychosynthesis, The Academy of Psychosynthesis Stockholm, summer 2013

Degree of Bachelor of Arts; Dance Pedagogy with specialisation in Street Dance, Stockholm University of the Arts 2010-2013

Degree of Bachelor of Arts; Social Anthropology - Stockholm University 2007-2010  

1-year streetdance program at Åsa Folkhögskola 2008-2009

3-year education in the Arts, Graduated 2006, Södra Latins gymnasium, Stockholm

Choreography, Dance and Artistic Direction

Dramaturg in Paradise Bois: A Sensorial Lecture! by Sindri Runudde, premiere 2020

Dancer in DUNKA DUNKA by Ellen Söderhult, Köttinspektionen, Danseatelier DK 

Dancer in “Fiskedansen och andra kosmiska bekännelser” by Sindri Runudde, Inkonst, Mdt, Atalante,

Dancer and choreographer JUCK <3 Lilith, MDT, Köttinspektionen, Folkteatern Gothenburg 2019

Dancer in “HÄLSNINGAR” by Lucas Carlsson, Gävleborgs Län

Residency at Dansarena Nord, Hammerfest, Norway - We Love Holocene, April 2018

Dancer and choreographer FATTA! Med Cleo och JUCK, Riksteatern Tour 2018

Artistic Director ATLAS 17 - Center for Environment and Development studies Uppsala 2017

Residency at Riksteatern - We Love Holocene V - 2017

Artistic Director for We Love Holocene IV - Dansens Hus April 2017

Artistic Direction, dancer, pedagogue - Kommunkoreograf Botkyrka 2017 JUCK

Dancer in performance project with Alexander Carillo, Tanzfabrik, Berlin 2016

Guest Dancer in UNDERART, by Olle Strandberg/Cirkus Cirkör - Chamäleon Theater, Berlin 2016

Dancer/Choreographer in JUCK, tour Sweden october-november 2016 februari 2017-present

Artistic Director for We Love Holocene - Residency at Uferstudios Berlin/National Arts Council of SWE 2016

Artist in Residence, Transparent Research/We Love Holocene, Skarpnäcks Kulturhus, Stockholm 2016  

Movement/Dancer input at Unga Klara, theatre production of “Alltet” / director Gustav Deinoff 2015   

Dancer in PUCK, Arkeolog 8, 2015-2016

Artist in Residence, Summer Residency at Vitlycke 2015  

Artist in Residence at Dansens Hus (International Scene of Dance 2015)

Dancing Choreographer with JUCK Dansens Hus 2015-2016

Assistant Artistic Director, HOLD - By Erik Linghede 2013-2014

Artistic Director CAUSES - Dansens Hus, Founded by SLL 2014

Merits of JUCK

Opening act for lecture with Sara Ahmed 2017

Costume of JUCK to be presented in the permanent exhibition at the performing arts museum in Stockholm 2017  

Kommunkoreografer/Choreography and community dance, one year project in the municipality of  Botkyrka 2017

Received grant from GLUGG-production 2016

Winner of Scenkonstfestivalen 2016 - Category “Årets Brott” (Winner of category crime/break/norm breaking of the year at the performing arts festival)

Short Documentary JUCK (THRUST) 2016-2017 (Bad Land Production and Olivia Kastebring, founded by Swedish film Institute) Premiere 2018

Nominee at BIBU - The Performing Arts Biennale for Children and Youth 2016

Tanz Im August/ Berlin 2016

Dance Base/ Edinburgh 2015


Dance training/Workshops

Intensive workshop On Stillness and Action with Tilman O’donnell (Danscentrum Stockholm 2019)

Intensive workshop The Surprised Body with Francesco Scavetta (Vitlycke Performing Art Centre 2018)

Research period Berlin, spring 2018, funded by the Swedish Arts Council

Intensive workshop with Shannon Cooney (Danscentrum Stockholm 2017)

Intensive workshop with Mårten Spångberg (ImpulsTanz, Vienna 2017)

Intensive workshop with Peter Jasko (ImpulsTanz, Vienna 2017)  

Gaga Winter Intensive with Ohad Naharin/Batsheva Dancers (Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv 2017)

Intensive Workshop with Martin Kilvady (Tanzfabrik, Berlin 2016)

Intensive Workshop with Maya M. Caroll (Marameo, Berlin 2016)

Intensive Workshop with Heidi Vierthaler (Danscentrum Norr/Syd 2015, 2016)

Intensive workshop with Anton Laschky (Danscentrum Stockholm, Spring 2015)

Intensive Workshop with Martin Kilvady (Danscentrum Stockholm, spring 2014)

One small step dance festival 2013 Corfu, Anton Lachky, Stella Zannou,  

Gaga-classes Tel-Aviv 2013, Batsheva Dance Company

Workshop i Physical Cinema, Riga 2012

P.A.R.T.S summer school 2012



Teacher, auditions for Uniarts, Department of acting 2019

Mentor and teacher, dance for youth intensive (Dansare på Röda Linjen), fall 2018, spring 2019

Course director, DOCH summer school residency Street Dance, summer 2018

Guest teacher at the University of Dance and Circus, Choreographic methods 2017

Artistic Director and mentor/teacher Sommarjobb som Dansare, Botkyrka 2015,2016, 2017, 2018   

Workshops during tours with JUCK 2016-2017

Pedagogue at Botkyrka and Värmdö Kulturskola 2013-2014

Intern at the preparatory dance program at Kävesta Folkhögskola 2011,2012

Street dance and Improvisation, Popular Art Center (PAC), Ramallah, West Bank, 2010,2011

Workshop leader in dance and movement at Färingsö Female prison, Stockholm 2012

Workshop leader in Hip Hop for young children at Urban Connection (Dansens hus) 2013



Board member of Danscentrum Stockholm 2017-

Set designer and decorator at the Urban Playground Festival in Slovakia, battles, clubs and event. Hosted by Niki Tsappos and Thomas Bj Piggo (Bratislava 2017)

Coordinator and pedagouge at Danspiration and Kulturhuset, dance for newly arrived refugees (Stockholm 2016)

Administrator for Megashop Stockholm, spring 2016

Participant in Dark Mountain Workshop series at Riksteatern 2015-2016 - art and it’s relationship to the climate crisis.

Participant in International exchange - HipHop For Tolerance (Moskow 2015), dance teacher, lecturer and performer (Founded by Swedish Institute)

Project Coordinator Glocal Movement - Streetdance youth exchange. Sweden - Uruguay (Founded by Konstnärsnämnden).

Participant in International exchange: Montreal - Stockholm. Focus on Streetdance, artistic intersectional methods, bodies and different abilities (Founded by the Artistic Council in Sweden)   

Course in Human Dynamics, Iris Johansson, Dahab, Egypt spring 2014

Researcher, producer and dancer at IMPROVE - project funded by Konstnärsnämnden 2014  

Lecturer at The University of Dance and Circus, Intercultural pedagogy 2014

Project leader and innovator at project DRIV! (Botkyrka Kulturskola 2013/14) A project that investigates the motivation for youth’s participation in cultural practices.