We Love Holocene 

A performing series and deep research in what it means to be human in the time of the climate crisis and ecological collapse.

We Love Holocene Initiation - July 2015

Residency at Vitlycke Center of Performing Arts

The project was initiated. We found the dark-mountain project, connected, researched, was lost, found some and danced. 

We Love Holocene I - January 2016 

Residency at MEKEN art hall in Smedjebacken. We built stalactites of garbage, looking for future landscapes. We danced, re-enacted death, learned more, visited the local ironworks.    


We Love Holocene II - March 2016

Residency at Skarpnäcks Culture House.

Dancers were invited to research Uncivilised Dancing. We built a gigant wave of used garment and plastics. Audience was invited to  watch open rehearsals, join conversations and have "fika" (Swedish coffee-break) and talk about the climate and "the mess we are in". 


We Love Holocene III - August 2016

Residency at Uferstudios in Berlin. The research of the movement practice Uncivilised Dancing continued and we prepared for an upcoming show in 2017. We used plants, piles of used clothes, music and light, brought a team of dancers from Sweden. Continued to research, work, listen and read. Things beginning to clear up.   


We Love Holocene IV - April 2017 

Premiere at Dansens Hus in Stockholm. We built a gallery of text and information, created audio dialogue for headphones, choreography, forms for the audience to state their identity and then shred it befor entering. And brought approximately 500kg of used clothes to build a forest flooded by used clothes. The dust and plastic from the clothes made the air hard to breath. We had to rent an air cleaner to be able to work in the room.


You can watch the performance trailer here: We Love Holocene IV


We Love Holocene V - May 2017

Residency at Riksteatern in Stockholm, we worked with permacultural design and architecture on the theme "I Dream About After", wanting to create a dreamlike scenario of what things would look like after a civilisational collapse. Being inspired by abandoned spaces and overgrown rooms. We looked at ways of collecting and storing water, thought about how to make a performance without electricity. Using light reflectors, thought of putting the audience on spinning bikes to generate power. To really think and solve things in radically different ways is a true challenge.     


We Love Holocene VI - September 2017

"ATLAS 17" was created together with CEMUS (Center for Environment and Development at Uppsala University). The piece was a study in what it feels like to support an unsustainable structure and the act of letting go. 

We Love Holocene VII - April 2018

Residency at Dansarena Nord in Hammerfest. Finally hiking and spending time in nature became a crucial part of the research. Hammerfest was an extraordinary location for this project. Time was spent to deepen the methods of Uncivilised Dancing.